“Responding to our customers’ needs, performing actions correctly the first time and every time, analyzing opportunities and risks and bringing about constant improvement through teamwork”

The quality policy outlines a shared direction for all our employees and provides guidelines for daily activity led by the management team. Our quality management system builds the necessary infrastructure, processes and procedures in order to lead and manage the organization.
Each employee in the company is charged with the responsibility for improving his/her performance by acting strictly according to the following principles.

• Focus on the customer – a commitment to meeting the customer’s requirements to his satisfaction.
• Quality planning – quality that begins at the development stage, using tools and methods for preventing errors and potential problems in our products, services and processes.
• Commitment to constant improvement – of the quality management system through improvement of processes, strict attention to employee fitness, adapting resources, meeting demand by law, understanding the customers’ needs, understanding the requirements and expectations of relevant stakeholders.
• Training – imparting knowledge, skills and tools that will enhance our efficiency, recognizing the importance of teamwork, steadily improving performance and achieving excellent results; the quality policy will be communicated to all employees.
• Reliable indicators – will assist our initiatives, measure progress and test the corrections in an ongoing manner.
• Analyzing opportunities and risks – the company will regularly and consistently analyze the opportunities and risks that it faces in order to develop in its dealings in a responsible manner.

We believe that by persevering in the application of these principles in all processes at our company, we will be able to ensure and preserve Eurodrip’s status as a leading company in the irrigation market and achieve excellent financial results.